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GipsyTeam is one of the biggest poker communities in the world. The site features daily news, exclusive interviews, live reports from tournaments, strategy and pokertainment videos, history articles, poker radio, pro blogs, extensive poker forum and much more.
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poker and cryptocurrencies
Poker is limited in terms of self-realization and is not really socially meaningful. This is why many successful poker players are switching to the crypto industry, looking for an opportunity to make the world a better place.
Professional poker players make great investors:
available funds
with online
of high-risk
for long-term
cryptocurrencies and gipsyteam
Online poker players have been interested in cryptocurrencies for years, and last year it led to creation of the Cryptocurrency section on GipsyTeam forum. It grew fast to become one of the most viewed forum sections, even more popular than regular poker discussions.
Due to the overwhelming interest, we are already working on separate cryptocurrency community website. Our experience of building a leading community from scratch, and a team of enthusiasts paired with efficient GipsyTeam managers and journalists ensures high standards and bright future for our new project.
We expect to launch our cryptocurrency
community platform later this year.
the platform will include
Loyal and
active community
Founders impeccable
financial reputation
Forum with an advanced
user reputation system
Upcoming ICO's calendar
and project reviews
Forum section for
high quality
blockchain discussions
Telegram and social media
groups, YouTube channel